How did the new technology impact my class?

Written on March 20, 2017 – 1:43 pm | by dave |

Hello everyone! If you read my previous post about using more advanced technology to support my students in my class during the Spring B term, I think you will like to see what I have found. For those who missed it, I decided to use more technology to support the class I teach. I started […]

Technology Enhancements for my next class

Written on January 12, 2017 – 1:20 pm | by dave |

Hello Friends, It’s hard to believe that I have not been able to post anything here in over a year. I guess that is just a testament to how chaotic life is. For the most part, things stay the same in my family and home life and sometimes they are different. One constant, at least […]

How Professor Dave Fared

Written on September 14, 2015 – 2:24 pm | by dave |

Hello to the readers of this blog. I am obviously rather poor at completing any timely updates to my blog. I would love to offer a cool and creative excuse but I also want to be honest. Simply put, I have been overwhelmed with EVERYTHING in the past several months. It’s not all been bad […]

Teaching My First Class Soon!

Written on June 17, 2015 – 3:15 pm | by dave |

Hello! It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. Basically, the last two weeks of work at my old employer went by very quickly and then I was dumped headlong into my exciting new career with OU. I have been at work for about 3 months now and am already doing […]

God Brings New and Good Things

Written on February 24, 2015 – 11:24 am | by dave |

I am pleased to report that after a year of waiting, praying, seeking and hoping, God has finally brought a new change that I feel will be an amazing change. I have been working with my current employer for almost two years. They were the best company to scoop me up when Chesapeake released me […]

Professor Dave at Last!

Written on January 27, 2015 – 4:12 pm | by dave |

It was easily the longest possible wait that I have ever experienced in any career move, but as of Jan. 13, 2015, I am officially an Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity at Liberty University Online (LUO). From the first day that I taught a summer program in IT to middle schoolers back in 2002, to the decision […]

A New Spiritual Challenge

Written on August 25, 2014 – 11:10 am | by dave |

It appears as though I am on the verge of yet another spiritual growth challenge. As anyone who has read my blog much would know, I once attended Liberty University as I attempted to get my Master of Divinity. I ultimately did not complete this degree because the cost of the degree would never pay […]

Changing Angles

Written on April 18, 2011 – 11:26 am | by dave |

After submitting my resume, providing many different references, and weeks of waiting. I have been declined the Youth Ministry position I was seeking at a local church. I have to admit that I am both relieved and saddened. I am relieved because I have found a great deal of joy in teaching ESL with NWBC […]

Changing Tides

Written on October 21, 2010 – 4:50 pm | by dave |

It has been some time since I was able to update this blog with anything substantial and although I don’t like the fact that it happened, it was a necessary evil. Simply put, the world as I know it has been in a constant state of flux ever since I started this quest for ministry […]

More writings have been added

Written on September 12, 2010 – 4:41 pm | by dave |

I am still around but seminary and ministry at NWBC are keeping me very busy. I have added a new book critique and an essay over spiritual formation that can be found on the “Academic Writings” page. God bless!