Quick Look

Written on March 9, 2011 – 12:53 pm | by dave |

Reading over my whole website to see the various things currently going on will only provide a little insight over the many things I am currently doing spiritually and physically. Because of that, I have made a “Quick” glance that I intend to update as often as I can to show where I am focusing my energy currently.

Currently Reading: “We Are Legion, We Are Bob” by Dennis E. Taylor

Just Finished Reading: “Black Flag, Blue Waters” by Eric Jay Dolin

Current Ministry work: Serving as the volunteer leader for the Freedom Fire Outreach for Grace Church. I also serve as one of the sound engineer volunteers with the worship team at Grace Church. I am also leading the Men’s Coffee Bible study group.

Current Academic work: Preparing to enter Doctor of Min. program at Liberty University

Hobbies: Raising my 18 year old daughter, my 12 year old sons, my 8 year old girl and boy twins and doing my day job.  Also, music production, writing, reading, computers and video games.