Bachelor’s CV

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BS – Management of Information Systems/Ethics
(Mid-America Christian University) – Completed 05/2007
Core Courses Grade
Computer Based Information Systems (MISE 3103) A
Management Principles and Organizational Communication (MGMT 3503) A
Telecommunications and Network Architecture  (MISE 3203) A
Life and Teachings of Jesus (Founational Ethics) (BINT 3713) A
Systems Analysis and Design (MISE 4703) A
Programming Concepts (MISE 4103) A
Biblical Concepts of Leadership (THEO 3823) A
Programming in Visual Basic 2005 (MISE 4603) A
Project Planning and Implementation (MISE 4403) A
Judeo-Christian Ethics (THEO 3813) A
Accounting for Managers (MGMT 4303) B
ERP/Database Design I (MISE 4303) A
ERP/Database Design II (MISE 4313) B
Life and Teachings of Paul (Foundations of Ethics II) (BINT 3813) A
IT Research and Design (MISE 4203) A
MISE Final Project (MISE 4801) B
MIS Credit Hours: 50
General Ed Hours: 42
Elective Hours: 33
Total Credits: 125
Composite GPA: 3.8