Teaching My First Class Soon!

Date: 17 Jun 2015 Comments: 0

Hello! It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. Basically, the last two weeks of work at my old employer went by very quickly and then I was dumped headlong into my exciting new career with OU. I have been at work for about 3 months now and am already doing great things. God is certainly showing me how to use skills that I had previously not used but have always had and is giving me new and exciting skills as I go. Also, God has finally shown me a chance to sell the house my wife and I have been building our family in for 5 years and buy a house that can hold all of my large family. We still have not sold our current house, but we have a contract on the house we hope to move in to soon but it is contingent on the sale of our current home. It’s truly a situation where it is God’s timing and not ours.

On a different note, I am excited to announce that after almost a year of waiting, I was assigned my first class to teach at Liberty University. Starting in a few short weeks, I will be teaching Ethics, Legal Issues and Policy! I am excited that I am finally getting to use what I feel is a God-given ability to teach and reach others in a place that not only builds minds of scholars but also brings glory to God. There is not much better way to use ability than in that capacity! The verdict is still out on how effective of a teacher I will be in a remote environment but I am not too concerned. If God has brought me here, there is no reason He won’t help me where I lack.

That is all for now! Enjoy the oncoming summer!

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