God Brings New and Good Things

Date: 24 Feb 2015 Comments: 0

I am pleased to report that after a year of waiting, praying, seeking and hoping, God has finally brought a new change that I feel will be an amazing change. I have been working with my current employer for almost two years. They were the best company to scoop me up when Chesapeake released me but my time with this position has run out. I feel that although the position is relatively easy and pays me quite well, there is simply no future in it. Furthermore, this work has been a very challenging place for me from a spiritual perspective. I work with many non-believers, some of which are downright cruel in their statements against Christianity.

I have, on occasion, spoken out against my coworkers to defend my faith. As a result, I have been targeted by my coworkers for minor offenses that have culminated in me feeling like I cannot do anything without drawing negative attention to myself. I forgive them for their actions against me but it has made my life somewhat difficult. Now, God has granted me the opportunity to change my situation. I really hope that I can use my new position to glorify God more so than before.

I thank God for this opportunity and I look forward to seeing where this new road will lead.

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