The Most Valuable Reason to Loose Sleep

Date: 1 Nov 2009 Comments: 0

Here it is on November 1st and I am somewhat afraid to sleep because I don’t want to wake up and find that my 4 year old has graduated high school overnight, which is how fast this year seems to have gone by.

However, last night I stayed up until almost 3:15 AM, a simple task when I was 20-21, almost impossible at age 28. Yet the reason was not because I lost track of time playing a video game. Nope, in fact, it was because I was IM’ing one of my old friends of a one and a half decades the topic was not movies or video games, it was over faith. I really do feel that my friend had been seeking help from the Holy Spirit to grasp those aspects of his faith he was questioning and I was here when he needed to talk about it.

Every question, it seemed, was directly related to his own faith and with each question, the Spirit lead me to the right words at the right time. He already accepted Christ many years ago but has not been connected with his faith in some time. I thank God that the Spirit would use a common wretch like me to express the words that my friend needed to hear. He did not make any life shattering change but I am certain he felt much lighter in our interactions when we took our kids together to a Fall Festival. This goes to show that God can use even the most awkward discussion to help. What He cannot use is silence.

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