Sermon #2 Is up!

Date: 19 Jan 2010 Comments: 1

I am excited to announce that I now have a second sermon up online. I was invited to grace the pulpit again at Agape on Sunday Jan. 17. This time, the lead pastor was in attendance and he was providing me lots of positive ‘amens’ and he offered glowing commentary for me afterward. Please take a look at my sophomore effort in sermons and tell me what you think!

God Bless!

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    1. Starnum says:

      Hey, another good sermon, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I liked the message very much. So far you have talked about things that I agree with. I believe that we both see God in a similar way, which is eternal love. Let us do our best to share that love with our fellow man as we go about our lives. I know how very hard it can be to love my neighbor, as I struggle with my anger every day. It’s good to have a reminder of God’s love though, and so I shall continue to do my best. Also I say a lot of things, I must remember that Jesus is always listening. This is something that stuck out for me, so thank you for that. I look forward to hearing you speak again. I believe that Jesus is working through you, as he does with us all. So I just hope for the very best for you, my friend.

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