Seminary starts anew

Date: 18 Jan 2010 Comments: 0

Hello friends. I feel horrible about neglecting this blog as I have for the past month but when I already feel like my time is likened to a lemon that has already been squeezed dry but is then being sucked on by someone until it gets all dry and nasty. Okay… maybe that’s not the best way to explain it but suffice to say, time is sparse.

I begin my next round of seminary today and I am starting the new year off with a BANG by taking Systematic Theology I. For those outside of the seminary world, I often refer to it as the “College Algebra I” of seminary but I think it is better likened to Physics I of seminary. How I am going to complete the stern regimen of classwork as well as work my full time job, keep the lessons up to date in Sunday School and Wednesday Night for my part-time ministry gig, help with the kiddo and sleep within the course of a normal day…God only knows. The way I see it, I survived taking dual seminary classes while working full time and being a dad only a few short months ago. This can’t be more challenging than that. Adding another adopted baby to the mix… well… what can I say? I am a glutton for punishment. 🙂

All joking aside, this next little stint is going to be bumpy but God is the pilot so I know I am safe. I will hopefully have my new sermon online for you guys in the next few days. I gave it Sunday (yesterday) during Sunday Night worship. The head pastor, Bro. Andy, said he enjoyed watching me preach and he offered me many “Amen” with and without provocation. I personally feel I did even better than my original but time will tell.

Take Care all and God Bless!

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