Official Election As Youth Pastor

Date: 9 Dec 2009 Comments: 0

Oh my dear blog, I have ignored you so. It has been hard to post because of the intensity of life. The past few weeks have been spent traveling all over God’s creation, performing the Thanksgiving tour from OKC to San Antonio back to OKC then to McAlester and home.  To say life has been mobile is to say that the weather has been cold here!

Tonight I was officially called to Agape Baptist Church as their youth pastor. I have been attending their church services for the past few weeks and both running the youth lesson or listening to the youth lesson. I even preached my first sermon ever! Imagine that! My momma is gonna be so proud of me! Hehe. All in all, I am thoroughly excited at the fact that God wants to use me so closely in His plan that He would entrust me with this vibrant youth group. I cannot express the amount of wonder I see in God’s work every day. I do hope to keep this updated more often but it can certainly be a challenge.

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