More on Windows 7

Date: 24 Oct 2009 Comments: 0

I am using Windows 7 now. It was a little shaky at first because not all of the HP Windows 7 drivers worked. However, once I got that issue resolved, it is moving along pretty well. My wife will freak… it has post it notes! Heck, I might freak. I also am resisting the urge to go gadget crazy on here but there are some cool gadgets and the fact that you can move them any where on the screen is pretty nice! It is seemingly solid as an OS at the moment.

Also, went to Marble Stone today and was chatting with some skater teens and the guy totally seemed cool. We chatted like we had known each other for a while. When he walked out, he waved and told us bye. It seems small to most folks, but that was proof that we could handle being in the youth ministry.

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