Gods words, not mine

Date: 25 Jul 2013 Comments: 0

As a pastor a few years ago, I remember what it felt like when God would take my words and speak for me. It was amazing to hear words that only God could put in my mouth and to see their impact. But now it has been a long time since I felt that feeling until today.

One of my good friends from high school has been an atheist for some time and he often will argue on Facebook when I post things about God or scripture. Normally I simply let him comment and leave it at that because I don’t like arguing online. But today God gave me words and it felt nice…

“Your opinions are your own and you are welcome to them so who am I to tell you to quit posting responses? Yet it is important to explain that I will not use Facebook as a platform for spiritual debate so you can respect that I will rarely respond. I am no Bible scholar of merit, I am a vessel and nothing more. The verses I post are verses that God has laid upon my heart and I share them as I am called to do. Furthermore, even if we did debate, the result would be fruitless… I have faith in God and you do not. You consider yourself an intellectual who accepts nothing that he cannot logic through. But faith has never been logical from an intellectual point of view. I, however, have felt the magnificent presence of God in my life in so many ways that no one can ever understand… Why? Because true faith is deeply personal and will never be logical to someone who craves hard, repeatable facts such as yourself unless they can accept that some things simply defy logic.

As response to your statement of favoritism- you took the statement out of context. God shows favoritism for Israel, yes. God shows favoritism for believers, yes. The context here is regarding favoritism among Christians which God does not make. Peter is saying that God accepts any who are willing to believe in him. You don’t need perfection, you don’t need some hidden and misty thing to be a Christian. You require one thing and one thing only – Jesus. This verse is to say that God can use anyone to reach others and there is no class system in Gods kingdom. You gave great examples – Saul was horrible UNTIL Jesus changed him to Paul. Peter was the disciple who denied Jesus THREE times in one day yet When he truly accepted Jesus, he changed and who better to speak about repentance to the Christians than one who repented so powerfully? David was never called sinless in the Bible, he was always messing something up but God still loved him and used him to lead his people. It is all about context my friend.

I hope you now understand the reasons why I post these verses. If they don’t interest you then they were not intended to reach you. But they likely reached someone else who saw them or God would not have laid it on my heart to share.”

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