DITW – Dealing with Criticism – June 13, 2018

Date: 13 Jun 2018 Comments: 0

If I were to be honest, one of my biggest challenges when I was a young man was my inability to accept criticism, even if it was constructive. As I have grown older, I would like to think that I am doing better at this, though I don’t know if my friends or family would want to tell me nowadays given how I would lash out. However, it is wise to accept the council that trusted people give you as it helps you improve. In my professional career, I have focused considerable energy on team-focused work where I am but a part of a team of people who must all agree in order to succeed. Likewise, as I have learned new things, I have tried to accept the feedback from others without lashing out when it is offered. Not only are these good things to do as a person but they are also biblical. In my reading today, I found the readings from Proverbs most useful. Proverbs 13:18 says “If you ignore criticism, you will end in poverty and disgrace; if you accept correction, you will be honored.” (NLT). So the wisest sayings in the bible suggest that we learn to accept criticism even if we don’t like it. But what about if someone gives us tough words that hurt our feelings or make us angry in an attempt to help? It’s still wise to keep your tongue: “Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything.” (Proverbs 13:3, NLT). So keep accepting criticism and make sure to be cool headed in how you respond to it if you want to succeed.

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