Coming Soon – Monthly Sermons from Me

Date: 18 Feb 2010 Comments: 0

I cannot express the sheer amount of excitement I have in my heart and soul for an event that I was just informed of. It seems as though Brother Andy, the lead pastor of my church and a few of the elders have taken quite a shine to my perf0rmance as of late.

I was told that starting next month, the third Sunday night of every month will be “student night” or perhaps better stated “Contemporary Night”. I will select contemporary music and pick members of my student ministry group to be the singers. We will share the more modern music with a church that uses hymnals primarily. And the part that I am most excited about? I will be the one preaching the message!

This means that rather than a few sermons here and there when the pastor needs to be out, I will actually have an entire service monthly where I can share the Word of God with the congregation. This is an amazing blessing since I so greatly enjoy preaching when I can but moreover it shows that the church really does approve of me and the messages I have given. As a pastor, even just a student pastor, I answer to two people… God and the members of the church. God has blessed me with just enough that I am able to balance the chaotic life around me and that is a calm reminder that He approves. Now, the church will actually let me have the pulpit once a month to share a message and guide the services and that shows me they approve of me. That means I am achieving 5 stars in the world of ministry. I praise God for the chance to do something like this!

If any of you readers want to see me in real life and see me stand in the pulpit, you now have the chance to do just that! I encourage you guys to come out and see me in Blanchard. Feel free to email me when you want to know about the time and address and such.

God Bless!

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