Church on Pointe

Date: 12 Dec 2013 Comments: 0

I realized that I have not provided any updates as to what is happening with me after I left my old home church of Northwest Baptist Church. After an extensive search of churches, reviewing their beliefs and listening to sermons by the respective pastors, my family and I have opted to move to CrossPointe Community Church in Norman, OK . The church is a Community-based church that identifies with the Free Will Baptist denomination but it does not carry the majority of the rural deadweight that I remember from the church of my youth. It is a vibrant and active church with an amazing children’s ministry and a wide variety of worship options.

My wife and I are happily attending a small group with other members of the church who have embraced us completely. My daughter is loving their Children’s church because it is unlike anything she has experienced with our old church. Sometimes it would be hard for me to convince my little girl of the importance of attending church – she would drag around as much as possible. Now that she is in the Kingdom Kids ministry at our new church, she won’t stop talking about church and God, I could not be happier to see her so excited about faith. We also have connected with a support group from the church with other foster/adoptive families and even brought some of our friends from the old CCFI group to this group. It is nice to have such a good support network.

So what ministry did I land in? Well, it didn’t take me too long to decide. When the church announced that they were looking for ‘a few good folks’ to do the Media/Tech crew, I decided to give it a go. Historically I had avoided this at my old church because I didn’t want to feel like I was ‘working’ when i was off work. But honestly, with my new job I do a considerably less amount of hands-on with hardware so I figured it couldn’t hurt. I have found that it was much more interesting than I could have imagined it would be. I am now trained to run cameras for the main worship hall as well as lights for main worship. I was trained to do the lights for the south worship hall which is more intense and rock-driven than modern worship. I also trained on the slideshow used by the south worship hall. I could train more actively on the soundboards but they scare me a little LOL so I have just been watching.

All in all, I think I feel safe in saying that moving my family to CrossPointe was a great decision. My wife has made so many friends and is involved with so many different things that it keeps her busy and on fire for God. I have found a great deal of joy in small groups again, helping me get that extra spiritual boost. I still teach my English class at Northwest Baptist Church on Wednesdays and God has shown me that this still serves His purpose for me so I will continue to do it until I feel led to do other things.

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