Video Discussion of my Paper: Theological Implications of Jesus’ Resurrection and Christian Life

Written on March 3, 2024 – 9:14 pm | by admin |

Hello friends! I hope you have been checking out my Academic Writings, as I have been posting my doctoral writings on that page, too. Of course, I don’t expect all of you to have the patience to read papers that span up to 15 pages, even if you really like me! If you saw my […]

A Return to Seminary!

Written on May 23, 2023 – 6:10 pm | by admin |

Hello friends! It’s been yet another couple of years since I updated my blog. It’s a casualty of a busy life and simpler social media posting (such as on Facebook or Instagram). However, it’s also because there really is not any major news to report most of the time. However, I do have something new […]

All Systems Go

Written on October 19, 2009 – 12:28 pm | by admin |

This is my first ever attempt at making a wordpress website to be used for more than just a blog. After much complications, it apppears that it is all systems go! Hang tight as this site will get bigger very quickly! Do check out the links along the top please!