Another Youth Night

Date: 2 Nov 2009 Comments: 0

I gotta admit, this time I spent with the youth at NWBC was not as good as it was last time. It started with a footbal game that very few of the boys wanted to do then got worse when one of the boys dislocated his shoulder (he talked like this happened often…uh…eh?). Later, I watched the boys play ping pong while the girls made gift bags to take out to visitors later on. The closest we came to getting in to the Word of God is a few bible verses used during the miserable role play we did to prepare for our street team evangelism coming soon.

I understand that there needs to be some time to fellowship but it really felt like the boys got very little out of church last night. Furthermore, the amount of goofing off that occurred during the time we were supposed to be practicing for visitations made it seem more like a game than experience and the youth pastor did not seem to do much to control this chaos. I don’t try to run down my brother in Christ but if I was running that session, I think it would have gone much differently than this. I also wonder, is expecting there to be time spent each time we meet (Sunday, Sunday night, and Wednesday) discussing Christ and the Christian life style  too much?

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