Adventures in Executorship 3 – No Estate Tax

Date: 12 May 2013 Comments: 0

I spoke to my CPA about all of the estate matters recently and and found quite a lot of useful information. The most important of these pieces of information is that there is no estate tax in Oklahoma which means that my auditing tasks will be far less involved. All I have to do is show that the property was evenly and fairly disbursed and there is little trouble from the county clerk on the estate.

I spent a great deal of this Saturday cleaning out my dad’s house with help from my mom. I managed to throw out six 55 gallon trash bags worth of old magazines and random trash. We also got all of the electricity fixed… the house had 3 shorts and two light fixtures damaged. Thanks to the help from Rhodes at Diamond Electric, we got all that fixed and two new lights. I almost think that if I had taken care of more of the issues with his house, he might have survived longer than he did.

More info to come as time is available.

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