Acts 1:11 Travel

Date: 11 Nov 2009 Comments: 0

Hello readers! I am now quite excited, in just a few short moments, I will be getting in my rented Lincoln and driving the long drive from OK to GA for the Acts 1:11 Conference with Jerry Vines and friends. I am so excited that I can’t express it in words! This is going to be an amazing two days of ministry and fellowship and I could not be happier. It is sad, however, because I will dearly miss my wife and daughter. My daughter is not used to daddy being gone for very long but I am bringing her pink bunny with me so it can see everywhere that daddy went. Not to mention the pictures and videos I will take.

Irregardless, please keep my lovely wife in your prayers and my daughter as I travel that they will be safe and sound and excited when I return. God Bless!

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