Masters CV

Written on April 18, 2011 – 11:53 am | by dave |

As part of my ongoing attempt at using this website to clearly inform visitors of my ministry pursuits and of me in general, I feel it is only fitting to include a detailed read out of my Masters level work which I hope to pursue further once my new babies are sleeping through the night.

MA – Christian Ministries (Liberty University) – In Progress
Course Grade
Human Growth and Development (COUN502) A
Spiritual Formation (PLED520) A
Preparation of the Sermon (HOMI501) B
Systematic Theology I (THEO525) B
Personal Evangelism (EVAN565) A
Discipleship Ministries (DSMN500) A
History of Christianity (CHHI520) B
Old Tesatment Orientation I (OBST591) C
New Testament Orientation I (NBST521) B
Critical Thinking and Ethical Leadership (ML5124) (Accquired Through MACU) B
Leadership Theory and Practice (ML5144) (Accquired Through MACU) A
Leadership in Public Administration (ML5111) (Accquired Through MACU) B
Total Credit Hours: 35
Composite GPA: 3.5