Spiritual Development

Written on October 19, 2009 – 5:42 pm | by dave |

I have been blessed with many opportunities to expand my knowledge and deepen my faith. It is my prayer and wish that I will be able to have many more in my lifetime. This list is radioactive and changes frequently so always check back to see new things!

The Ragamuffin Gospel
Brennan Manning
The timeless classic by one of my favorite spiritual writers, Brennan Manning. In this work, Manning addresses the fact that being a Christian isn’t just for people who are ‘shiny and happy’ but it’s for people who feel the weight of the world bearing down on them and need to be reminded that God wants us to “Come as You Are.”
Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis
The classic book by born-again Christian author of the Chronicles of Narnia fame. This book takes a broad, refined view of the core of what all Christians believe without mashing along denominational lines. It really is a great way for a thinking man to come to terms with the reality of Christianity.
Acts 1:11 Conference
Jerry Vines Ministries
Two day conference in Atlanta, GA focusing on the pre-millennium, pre-Tribulation view of the Last Things. I studied with Dr. Jerry Vines, Dr. Ergun Caner, Dr. Daniel Akin, Dr. Paige Patterson, and many other talented and godly men and now can Biblically support this view.
The Truth Project
Dr. Del Tackett, Focus on the Family
12-part DVD series created by Del Tackett of Focus on the Family that teaches the Christian world view in a scientific and factual manner. I am in the process of becoming a certified trainer for this program.
Radically Unchurched
Dr. Alvin L. Reid, SEBTS
A deep and edgy look into the world of the radically un-churched, written by Dr. Alvin L. Reid of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary that sheds light on a growing number of Americans who are so far removed from church that reaching them with the Gospel is virtually impossible by normal means. Dr. Reid provides a broad description of these people and then guides us on how to reach out in a real way to draw them to Christ.
Concentric Circles of Concern
W. Oscar Thompson, Jr.
Discipleship training course derived from Oscar Thompson Jr.’s book that teaches the concepts of a Christ-centric mentality and offers a 7-step program for developing disciples and multiplying them to permeate the ministry.
Missional Small Groups
Ed Setzer
One day seminar over the importance of small groups in churches to grow the church. Topics included discipleship, missional mindset and small group growth planning.
Sharing Jesus without Fear
Bill Fay
Famous ‘simple evangelism’ method as taught by William “Bill” Fay focusing on using simple questions to reach others and bring them to Christ without opposition. This seminar focuses on using 5 simple questions to fearlessly share the Gospel with anyone.
Parenting with Love and Logic
Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay
Essential resource guide to using the world famous ‘Love and Logic’ methods for parenting children of all ages. Focuses on teaching responsibility in children using logical consequences and significant learning opportunities (SLO’s).
The 21 Irrefutible Laws of Leadership
John C. Maxwell
World-renowned leadership teacher, John Maxwell, teaches 21 laws to raise effective leaders to grow and empower organizations by focusing on personal growth and using it to grow those around you in church or corporate environments.